5 Places to Visit After the Coronavirus Pandemic

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It’s been days since the quarantine after the coronavirus’s spread throughout the world. It’s getting boring at home and you miss the outside world terribly. But for everybody’s sake, you must hang in there. 

While you are doing your part to control the deadly disease, why not amuse yourself by planning your destination for when you can finally travel again? In that case, below are some of the best places you probably want to see after the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort, Florida 

Of course, everyone’s missing the dazzle of the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. When COVID-19 is finally over, the whole family must want to there. At the Magic Kingdom, you can see some firework shows, go on rides like, or check out their elaborate parades. 

You and your kids will also enjoy taking pictures with your favorite characters like Ariel at the park’s famous sights. The Magic Kingdom is where you will an amazing time enjoying the magic that made it popular throughout the world.

  1. The French Quarter, New Orleans

New Orleans has always been a place to visit if you’re into culture, heritage, and music. The city is famous for its rich heritage, infused cultural influences, and of course, Jazz music. You will see all of these at the heart of the city in the French Quarter.

When you can finally travel again, don’t forget to visit its renowned landmarks such as the William Faulkner House. You should experience an upscale treatment at Hotel Monteleone’s Carousel Bar & Lounge. More importantly, watch legends perform at the Preservation Hall.

  1. South Beach, Miami, Florida

Hopefully, the coronavirus will be over before the summer ends. But summer or not, the South Beach in Miami, Florida is always a place to see. Not only for its blue waters and stunning beaches but also for all the other sights to see all around. About an hour south of Boca Raton, FL, Miami is the ultimate go-to spot.

At South Beach, art lovers will love the art deco architecture found by the Ocean Drive. This boulevard is where the buzzy clubs and neon lights blaze to catch your eyes. From VIP clubs to self-guided tours at museums, South Beach is a must-visit anytime.  

  1. Central Park, New York

If you have been stuck for weeks now at your condominium with nothing to see but buildings, you might want to change the scenery after the COVID-19 outbreak. In that case, visiting Central Park in New York City should be at the top of your bucket list.

This green space has plenty to offer its visitors including gardens, fountains, and sculptures. Activities include ice skating and boating among others. The places there that you can’t miss include the Strawberry Fields, the Shakespeare Garden, plus the Wollman Rink.

  1. Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas

If its non-stop entertainment you’re looking for after being cooped up at home for a long time, Las Vegas won’t disappoint you. Sin City has all the glitzy hotels, neon sights, and frenetic sounds to soak up in your visit.

There is everything in Las Vegas for you. From the mini Eiffel Tower, Venetian canal replica, the fountain light shows, to the 5-mile long boulevard, you won’t ever get bored here. For the first time that you can travel again after the pandemic, it’d be great to see America’s Playground. 

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